Engineering at Alberta

The beginning of anything.

Let's start at the beginning - where anything is possible.

It starts with a curious mind, a spark of imagination, or a glimpse of what's possible, and then boom! You're off.

A group of students working on a hardware project

Off to choose your own anything. Off to find a better way. Off the beaten path, out in your own world, on your way to lift up society through brilliant feats of engineering.

You never know when inspiration will strike or where it'll take you, but you'll know the second you join this program- that anything begins here.

Let the
problem solving begin.

There are a lot of challenges in the world today, but there are even more solutions. These brainteasers are sure to get your wheels turning...

Try to solve one.

  • 01

    How much water needs to be displaced to provide enough electricity to the town?

  • 02

    Star Trek or Star Wars - which presents more accurate technologies?

  • 03

    How can the engineering profession work toward inclusivity in order to meet our legal and ethical obligations to society?

Academics at Alberta

If you can think it, you can make it.

Anything can begin in a robotics lab—or even your dad’s garage…

it's all about you

Here, we’re not bound by the walls of a classroom, or the strands of a virus, but by the stretch of our imagination. Whether we’re exploring on campus, online, or on your parents’ couch—our program is designed to revolve around you, your passions, your most ambitious pursuits. From biomedical and chemical engineering to robotics and risk management, you’ll find courses that are not only designed to change the course of your life, but the lives of millions across the globe.

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We have the data to back up anything

job placements/year
Top-three engineering co-op education program in Canada
countries represented
By 4,500+ undergraduate and 1,700+ graduate students
(the most) research chairs in Canada
We attract the best in teaching and research, and the funding to build the future
Pushing boundaries in education and inquiry.

Engineering Stories

A bridge built in 26 days, a gesture of goodwill to last a lifetime.

For an engineer, building a 39-metre footbridge is a routine problem to be solved. But for the people of Chavarrias, Bolivia, it means so much more. It means access to education, hospitals, markets, and transportation. It connects engineering with opportunity.

International Student Resources

Engineered to think globally.

Great ideas can come from anywhere - and lead to anything.

If we're going to tackle the world's most complex challenges, we might as well attack them from every angle, every viewpoint, every pocket of the globe. That's why we're building a student body as diverse as the population we serve-while creating a sense of community, so you feel right at home as you get ready to change the world.

Joining us from across the border or overseas?

Student Spotlight

Engineering at Alberta is more than an academic program - it's a community. Even while our classes are all online, the community is strong and the students are in this together. The classes have prepared me for the skills to become an engineer - everything outside the classroom has prepared me for a successful professional career and a fulfilling life.

Campus Culture

Campus culture, but make it virtual.

Though we may be learning, tinkering, and problem solving from behind a screen this fall, we still need to connect.

From book club and physics club to yoga and aerial robotics, students still have every opportunity to pick each other’s brains, pull them apart, and piece them back together again in true engineering fashion.

Here, campus culture extends to students’ physical, social, and emotional well-being, and we have the services—from 24/7 support for mental health to our Peer Support Centre and Cohort Program—to ensure you’re not only in the best physical environment, but in a positive mind space as well.

Student Resources

Enrich your experience

  • Engineering Student Society (ESS)

    Sometimes the Beginning of Anything starts with shaving your head or taking a pie to the face. Sounds weird, we know, but for the members of our ESS, engineering isn’t all collateral loads and combustion. It’s also about building a sense of community through events like Pi Throw, GEER Week, and the annual Engineering Head Shave.

  • Bridge2engg

    Classes may look different this fall, but not the calibre of your degree. Why not kickstart your Beginning of Anything before it even begins? Because your success is our top priority, we’re offering applicants a unique suite of summer programs to further develop your STEM skills, polish your study practices, and ensure your transition to university life is a seamless one.

  • Engineering Student Success Centre (ESSC)

    Don’t let CHEM 103 stand between you and the next [sonar development/sustainable packaging/laser treatment/bionic device/you name it] that’s destined to change our world for the better. Through our ESSC, all first-year engineering students have access to free group and one-on-one tutoring to help get you past the nuts and bolts and onto the big ideas.

  • Engineering Employment Centre (EEC)

    Rub elbows, light sparks, spark connections. Our EEC will connect you with successful alumni and leading industry employers—while helping you build your resumé and sharpen those interview skills—because sometimes the Beginning of Anything starts with landing the right gig.

Alumni Spotlight

If you are a problem solver and solving global problems excites you then engineering is the right choice. You will be exposed to a lot of different workspaces and the extent of opportunities engineers have is amazing! Engineering is a creative process where you choose your own ways of building and solving. Be an engineer and put your creative thought process to work for good.